Advertising & Promotion

Need help with advertising and promoting your event?

MEaT can help advise, source the most effective media channels, place digital and offline advertising - be your effective resource in promotion for your event,

Placement & Response

Knowing where to place your advertising and choosing the best channels can make a significant impact on your event. It's not just about the most cost effective deal or the largest volume in terms of audience.

We are experienced in looking at the best channels and methods for your individual needs, that ensure measurement on response, high impact and ROI.

Achievable & Engaging

When it comes to promotion of your event. It is important to be able to look at every aspect in terms of location, visibility, engagement as well as affordability.

There is no point having the most engaging advert placed in a location or digital channel that creates no awareness, or will not be seen by your target audience - or a non-engaging ad in the perfect location!

We will ensure your promotional campaign achieves on response and awareness.