Awards, Fundraisers & Product Launches

Every event is important, but some hold more significance and emotion than others. When you need recognise and celebrate achievements, raise awareness and funding for a cause or need to tell the world about the next big thing. We will help, guide and manage you though every step of the way.

Recognition & Acknowledgement

When it's time to recognise and reward people for the amazing efforts and achievements they have made. You need to show just as much effort and interest in ensuring your Awards event showcases this.

Your Awards Evening needs to be a celebration, but it also needs to be engaging for those attending. We look at every aspect and work with you to ensure it's the event everyone deserves.

Committed To Your Cause

We regularly work with a variety of Charities and local community projects. Funding and fundraising is more important than ever. Engaging with the public and businesses and building relationships are just as essential. Many organisations simply do not have the time or resources to do this efficiently.  Our team are experienced and on hand to work with you to build these key relationships and raise funds.

Plenty of businesses recognise the part they can play in raising money and awareness, and more often than not there is a cause that is especially close to them. We know that your corporate fundraiser is about raising as much money as possible. Achieving that is our key goal and we plan, organise and manage the right type of event for you with this in mind.

Ready To Launch?

Bringing a new brand or product to market has taken time, care and development. When it comes time to launch you need to ensure you have the right type of event, audience and coverage that matches it.

Whether it's a seminar, press conference or demonstration event. Let us make sure people understand it is the next big thing!