Corporate Off Sites

There are a number of reasons and plenty of benefits to your Corporate Off Site. Whether you are looking for team bonding, to reward, celebrate and plan for future. Or simply feel a change of scenery and environment will benefit the team. We have all you need to make sure location, environment, activity and work balance is all organised for you.

Where To Go?

Location is everything. You may have an idea of where you are looking to be based, but is this really practical? 

We organise a number of off sites each year and know how difficult they can be logistically. Do you have a number of regional or international branches to the business. Therefore requiring numerous travel points and transfers. Does the end location have all you need in house for both work and leisure?

Are your expectations in line with budget and management across the event?

Our team are on hand to advise, plan, organise and manage every aspect of your Off Site. Allowing the reassurance that everything is organised and focusing on what really matters across the event.

What to do?

Location plays a big role, but once you are there how do you balance work goals with team building? 

Scheduling and management your time and your attendees across your event is crucial to it's success. Do you have a plan in place to keep the balance, focus and momentum within your group across the day or days?

From making sure your conference and delegate package is right, to engaging, effective team activities and some down time. We plan and manage your event to ensure every aspect is taken care of and organised with clarity and detail.