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Summer Solstice 2018 - Our Yoga Retreat

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Not necessarily known for our spiritual zen like outlook...but when you are lucky enough to work with an Internationally know Yoga Brand and have to open your mind!

We were asked to plan and organise a 5 day retreat for globally recognised yoga brand and guru - Yogabeats and David Sye. The retreat as much as relaxing, meditation and plenty of yoga...had to focus on the Summer Solstice and the mysteries that come with it.

After finding the perfect venue in Wiltshire, we came back with an amazing retreat that takes in Solstice as well as Cacao Ceremonies, Vision Quests, Yoga, Revealing Breathing, Therapeutic Massage, Firewalking and all you need to take you on a spiritual journey and find your inner self...

This has been a truly amazing event to put together and one that justifies taking on challenges beyond your comfort zone.

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