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Leading Cyber Defence Company Assign MEaT for Design Campaign

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

CDS Group (cyberdefence.solutions) a leading name within the Cyber Defence market, have assigned MEaT marketing team to design their latest print and digital campaign.

The brief - to develop a concept around cyber awareness with the print call to action focusing on awareness and booking appointments for the Autumn Global Yacht Shows in Monaco, Fort Lauderdale and Amsterdam.

The digital call to action being more basic and specifically to drive click through's to their site.

Our aim was to design a concept that was not only different and original in design, but also would stand out clearly from any other within the publication and within the news-site.

The team are also excited to now be designing their latest commercial brochure to be handed out across the shows and beyond.

You can follow CDS Group at the across the following sites.

cyberdefence.solutions cds-marine.com dronedetection.solutions cds-consultancy.uk.com

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