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Full Moon Yoga: Escaping urban insanity!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

So it seems there is something to this yoga lark then...? For nearly 18 months now we have had the privilege of working with legendary Yogi and Peace Activist - David Sye.

For many years his unique brand of "Yogabeats" has pushed boundaries within the yoga world and as such developed a following from those wanting to know more than just positions.

After a fantastically successful Summer Solstice Retreat this year...our first real dip into actually planning and organising yoga events. We are now following up with a short retreat in North Wales across Easter 2019.

Where it continues the journey from Solstice is that many of the teachings and ceremonies "mysteries" if you will are going to focus on the Full Moon and it's energies for that weekend. It's going to be something special, very different and for those wanting to further or begin their journey with Sye beyond the usual yoga realms.

Interest is already buzzing around our announcement through the Yogabeats social media channels and we can't wait to set up another magical weekend.

To book or for more information on the retreat, please email the team at -

For more information on Yogabeats click here

To find out more on David Sye click here

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