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Why Small Businesses Need At Least A Landing Page...

Updated: Jan 25


Our marketing team have recently put together a landing page for a local business. We were approached because they were noticing a real pull through their social media activity. However, without a website visitors and leads simply fell through the net.

These days with a range of template sites such as Wix and 1and1, getting a website together is slightly less problematic. However, it still comes down to two key aspects...time and content. This isn't easy for any business let alone small businesses. But it is something you need to put in place.

We sat down to discuss how to approach the website, and what exactly was needed for the business right now. Content was there, but being a small business pulling it all together was going to take time. "Crate Digging" you will be amazed to find how much content you really have at your disposal. But you still need time to be able to "Crate Dig!"

So, the short term solution was to create a landing page with the capability to expand as we move forward. The key was to get something online to support the social activity and not lose potential customers who dropped off the map with no website in place.

We have a strong history supporting small local businesses, charities and community groups. It is vital that any marketing or promotional activity they do has the facility to capture any interest generated.

We especially find this with the trade industries. While you don't need to have a website with multiple pages covering every aspect and history of the company. You do need an online presence and you need the right information to be seen straight away. People are always looking for trade companies, but they are very cautious. It's important that your business shows its quality of work, reputation, qualifications and professionalism.

We created a simple, clean and professional looking landing page for RMC Painting & Decorating. It supports they social presence and gives visitors enough to stimulate interest.

In the coming months we look forward to working further with RMC Painting and Decorating in developing the site further.

To find out more on our web design and management. Please do get in touch with the team at - info@wearemeat.com

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