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Brochures: Tell The Story Of You And Your Products...

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Following on from previous marketing projects we have worked on for our client - CDS Group. We were contracted to develop a new high end brochure for use at future client meetings as well as the up coming end of season International Yacht Shows in Monaco, Fort Lauderdale and Amsterdam.

Brochures are probably an area some may see as unfashionable in the digital era. But we find for certain companies and certain industry sectors, that they can still play a pivotal and vital role in telling the story of your business and your products.

If you're considering using brochures in your marketing plan, take notice of the following benefits as well:

  • Brochures Are Easy to Distribute. ...

  • Brochures Are Cost Effective. ...

  • Brochures Build Trust. ...

  • Brochures Hold Lots of Information. ...

  • Brochures Personalise Your Business. ...

  • Brochures Establish Your Business's Authority.

Our design continued the concept and continuity of our previous website, digital adverts and an evolution from last year's version. What we did this year is expand on the drone detection pullout..going from a double sided page to a 4 page pullout. We also worked on a high end look and feel to the brochure. So we designed individual pages on each area of the company and had them stitched into the folder.

The folder itself was a laminated cover allowing the silver logo design to come out more on the page. From a quality aspect it also prevents cracking and wear in the folds and joins.

To finish we designed bespoke simple envelopes for them to go in, again continuing a high end look to both the brochure and for the brand.

We think the brochures look great and will make a tremendous impact for the client at future meetings and the upcoming shows.

For a discussion on how corporate brochures can work for you business and products, or to discuss a design and print project to tell your story to potential clients...please do get in touch with the team:

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