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A Planner's Guide: Yoga Events..A Spiritual or Fitness Journey?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Our Yoga journey continued last weekend, where we had the pleasure in attending the BWY London Festival

Supporting our client and Maverick Yogi - David Sye, we witnessed first hand the full spectrum of the yoga society. On first glance I don't think many communities can compare the vast diversity that the Yoga Community has.

The most intriguing thing was seeing those who practice yoga to find something, to heal a real spiritual quest. It's a real contrast to those who see it more as a trend and a fitness based journey. It's not to say that either are wrong and each have their benefits to those who adopt them. But maybe it's just where we are around Sye more, it got us thinking that there must be more to Yoga than health and fitness...or to follow a trend?

Yogabeats was started over 25 years ago by David Sye who practiced and learned techniques and methodology from Tibetan and a variety of spiritual gurus. He was invited to speak at the Opening Ceremony and then run 3 classes (2 on the first day and 1 the following day). His focus is not around postures and positions, he adopts the more spiritual and mystical side to yoga. Looking at yourself, healing within and learning to let go of the pre programmed psyche.

What was fascinating in that was those in one class who attended really taking this on board and embracing what was being taught. Another we found to be more those who seemingly came for the name David Sye...wanting selfies for their blogs and not really interested in taking part...they knew better.

The other thing that struck us was the amount of Yoga Teachers there that were enjoying actually being able to practice and not teach...almost like a day off??

But as an event it worked really well, a fantastic venue and well organised. Such range in teachers that all offered a different view and practice to their art.

So it got us thinking...why do people do yoga? Is it a spiritual quest, a fitness class or just to keep up with a trend? Why do so many teachers have such little time to practice

We will no doubt discover in more detail with the continued work we do for Yogabeats. Although it is likely we will unlock more questions rather than answers. One thing that is for sure is that the yoga community is thriving and these events allow a chance to come together in mass...and maybe even open up the discussion on what yoga is?...Has the original meaning and teachings been lost to a fast paced self facing society? Or is there a revolution within to take it back from the celebrity heath obsessed trendsetters?

For more information on David Sye and Yogabeats click here.

To find out more on what yoga events we are planning get in touch with the team -

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