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Stag and Hens - Will your party keep up with the trend?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

As an event based company that covers pretty much across the board when it comes to events. We have always tread carefully with Stag and Hen bookings. It's mainly because there are so many very well equipped companies out there that can offer an all round packaged deal. So it would be like us selling holidays against the likes of TUI..!

That being said we are not adverse to organising that last hurrah..! We are all about experiences and memories so for those who are looking beyond the package deal and something more unique, then we are certainly there to help make it happen for you and your Besties.

Chillisauce have just released some industry statistics that are based on their bookings last year. It certainly covers a huge amount and though some of the stats are not exactly surprising. There are some interesting trends that are now coming into play, some of which come across with our group bookings...not just those for Stag and Hen alone.

Not much surprise...Stags prefer to venture outside of the UK with Eastern Europe being a preferred choice, and you Hen's like to keep it closer to home with Liverpool, Edinburgh and Brighton being the top locations. If we look at it the other way, Newcastle seems to be where Stags gather most, and of course it was always going to be Marbs for the ladies!

Where it became more interesting for us, and where we can really see where MEaT can come to play in this field, is that there is a growing trend for both parties in booking Villas and Apartments as their preferred accommodation. It's still lower than Hostels and budget hotels, but it does show that people are really recognising the value and fun in hiring your own place for the weekend. This is something we book for pretty much all of our groups heading away for a long weekend. Much like we spoke about in a previous blog about Cyprus. We are living more and more in a AirBnB culture, and some offer so much more than you would get in a Hotel.

There was also now a rise in unique experiences and themed activity bars. It seems we are now more Ping Pong than Paintball, Zipwires than Zorbing! Again, fantastic news for us as this is exactly the type of thing we organise for our groups. Personally...without a commercial hat on, I think it's great we are moving away from the norm and wanting something amazing over something cheap as chips. Otherwise every Stag and Hen becomes the same and the memories just blend into one.

Final stat we thought was fun to know...we are living in a social selfie world. So no prizes for guessing that Instagram and Facebook are the chosen media platforms for each party. But interestingly in the 35-45 age group 75% of people posting almost everything online are the ladies. So what goes on tour goes on social media...for good and for bad! Above 45's and the Stags are more on show - it's because they don't get out as much these days. Best make it count! ;)

February and March tend to be the moment plans and bookings for Stag and Hen Parties kick into gear. With this in mind if you haven't booked anything...lets get going people!

Those looking for the a great budget package party look no further than Chillisauce. Their software app alone makes it so much easier to plan and organise a large group. You can check out all the information from their report here.

If you are looking for ideas, locations and something beyond the package party. Then please do get in touch with us here at MEaT.

We would also love to hear from you regards your thoughts and experiences with Stag and Hen Parties. Please do comment below.

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