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What's New: Room on the broom adds to the magic at Chessington this year.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

We were able to try out the new Room on the Broom attraction at Chessington World of Adventures at the weekend. It was great to hear that the theme resort were adding to their Julia Donaldson world. The Gruffalo River Ride has been a great feature these past few years, and we are pleased to report that this is a very welcome addition to the park that definately brings the magic!

So essentially, this now takes over from the old Hocus Pocus Haunted Mansion that has been there for a long time. Not much has changed externally except for a little bit of new branding. Queues are huge as expected with small groups at a time being sent in to experience the magic. Be aware also that like most new attractions now, just when you think you have come to the end of the snake queue to step inside...that's just a photo opportunity and once through you have a final queue before entering.

That being most attractions, if you really can't take the wait at peak times you can always purchase a fast track or get lucky by joining at slightly less busy times within the park.

So the attraction begin in the library room with a bubbling cauldron beneath a screen that is set up as the opening of the book. Here the witch appears and drops several ingredients in and magically it begins to bubble and smoke. From here a secret doorway opens and we walk through to the next part of the story.

Each part of the story has some fun interactive elements for the children to take part in. This includes swatting fireflies and searching haystacks for the witch's bow. Oh and beware of the dragon who is after Witch and Chips for his tea!

We end as we began, in front of a cauldron where we see the witch succeed in making a new broom for her new companions to fly on...and with a whoosh they are gone!

Overall we believe this is a great new addition to the park. Hocus Pocus wasn't really an attraction we were too fussed about as a family. So the upgrade is very welcome that compliments and adds to the Gruffalo attractions already in place.

Thoroughly recommend this for families visiting this year. Just be mindful how busy it will be and plan your day accordingly. 120 minute wait at the start of the season, so you can imagine what this will be like in the summer!

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