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Picturesque, quiet, great facilities...everything you want for a relaxing event or short break.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Last weekend we were in North Wales for a Full Moon Yoga Retreat that we planned and organised for one of our yoga clients. The event covered the entire Easter weekend and focused around relaxation, self discovery, power and spirituality of the full moon and of course yoga.

Firstly, in terms of location Nantlle near Caernarfon is absolutely stunning. The mountains and lakes within the valleys are truly breathtaking. It's also so peaceful with practically you and just the local sheep to keep you company. Driving to our venue - Trigonos Centre along the winding roads only added your appreciation for this stretch of countryside.

Our group of 15 within no time were completely relaxed around their tranquil location for the next few days. The venue is well equipped to host groups of varying sizes. However, we were excited to learn that the centre as not just a base for those looking for a retreat. It actually serves just as well for couples and small groups just looking to get away and relax on a short break - an option we will certainly be recommending to our clients moving forward.

Comfortable rooms and surroundings, as well as a fully catered kitchen serving freshly made vegetarian and vegan meals. It has absolutely everything you need for a relaxing weekend, private event or retreat.

Our weekend saw 2 daily yoga sessions, workshops around self discovery, unlocking mysteries of yoga and its real intentions, ceremonies and celebrations around the full moon as well as much needed down time and relaxation.

This retreat is part of a succession we are planning for our client - David Sye and his brand of Yogabeats that started last year with the Summer Solstice and continues throughout this year in locations such as Ireland, Crete Fuereventura and potentially South Africa for the New Year...(stay tuned)!

This event has made such an impact and impression on our client and those attending that we are already looking to re-book again. Plus we may have some additional bookings from new clients that were with us at the weekend. All in all what a fantastic time we had and a real showcase to what we do at MEaT. We love to plan amazing experiences for people looking for something more than the norm.

To discuss how we can help you plan your next event, retreat or short break, email the team here.

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