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Beyond your Comfort Zone - How our Health and Lifestyle client leads by example.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It's amazing to think what can come from a chat over a coffee on a cold January day! But from minute one, we knew that working with Ross and Emily from Body Transformation Academy would be a fun and inspiring journey.

We discussed the possibilities of putting together an awards night for their clients. Ross and Emily explained that the industry tend to fall short in providing these sorts of occasions and they want to do this for their clients as well as set them apart from everyone else.

Speaking with Ross Cowan - BTA Co-Founder he explains their motivation and ideas for the awards.

"We’ve been lucky to positively change the lives of 100’s of clients over the last 3 years. With so many incredible transformations it wasn’t enough to just thank them and post their transformation. We wanted to go BIG!!!

So ... We hired a stunning venue, bought some beautiful awards and celebrated our clients success by telling their incredible stories in front of our growing BTA family.

By the time we finished we handed out 4 awards, 4 special recognition's and over £4,500 worth of prizes. This was the proudest moment in our business so far."

So MEaT were challenged with sourcing a venue suitable to host a a fun but glamourous awards night. Not only that we were also instrumental in helping and guiding our clients through every aspect of the event. So we advised on budget setting and spend, as well as production and management of the evening.

What was really great is how they took on board our advice and when with our judgement over aspects of the event. Which for those in events know, this can normally be quite a challenge across the project! But we are pleased to say, they listened and accepted that any event will change along the way from concept to reality. However, it will be no less of an experience and successful.

It was a real pleasure to work with such an energetic and inspirational client. We are very proud to have been able to produce an event that surpassed expectations as well as being just a great experience all round.

Discover how MEaT can help transform your events or find out more on our Awards and Product Launches. Check out the Events pages on the website.

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