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Cyprus after lockdown: What we can learn and does it apply to other destinations?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

We spoke with our friends and suppliers in Cyprus today. Although it may not be on your plans to visit right now, we felt sharing their news on the lockdown and measures being taken coming out would likely be similar to many destinations. So if you are still looking to go abroad this year and into next year (government permitting!) This should give you an idea on what to expect. Cyprus had a six week lockdown was lifted last week. Testing has been one of the highest in Europe and cases (898) and casualties (16) relatively low. Yesterday only two new cases were reported with zero cases expected in the coming weeks. Most businesses have reopened and final year students are back to school as of today. Over the weekend, many Cypriots enjoyed the beach for the first time this year as we had some great weather to match. Hotels here are expected to reopen by the end of June. Two major components in safely re-opening as a destination: 1. The first are the health and safety protocols that are being put into place. One of the major advantages here for Cyprus is that due to our year round sunshine and open spaces, social distancing will not be difficult to implement. Whether it be in all-fresco dining, exploring miles of blue-flag beaches or the wide range of outdoor activities that guests can experience on the island year round. 2. The second, is the plan that will require all travellers to Cyprus to get tested before their flight. As Cyprus is an island (only accessible through its two airports) it will be possible to implement and keep Cyprus as a "safe-zone" for travel. We have seen the cost of testing reduced significantly from 150 euros a few months ago down to 50. With mass production these are expected to retail around 10-15 euros in the coming months making them a cost effective must for every traveller, perhaps even sponsored by the local government. Testing of all passengers will mean people will feel safe to travel, both during transit AND while enjoying the destination. If you have any questions on travel and events moving forward, please do get in touch. We are only too happy to help and advise where possible. #wearemeat #traveltips #lifeafterlockdown

Dracos DMC

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