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IMEX America 2021: Open borders, a warm welcome and talking all things health and wellness.

From our first opportunity to be back in the US post pandemic, to speaking about health and wellness, some amazing meetings with current and new suppliers and destinations. It's fair to say our first IMEX experience will be one to be remembered.

We not only received a warm welcome on arrival to US soil, but you could feel the relief and excitement at the show to have international delegates back again.

It couldn't have started anymore intense - a campfire session discussing health and wellness with our own James Bacon (Director / Founder).

"Our first IMEX and they give me a slot first morning! Just this sense of relief that people wanted to hear me talk. A fantastic experience and I just loved the mock up campfire. We event managed to pull in some punters off of the show floor once I got going too."

"Rare that I discuss health and wellness, something that has had a major impact on my life. Thank you for the opportunity IMEX Team."

The show itself was great, probably one of the first since the return of live events that had a real buzz and energy. It was a refreshing change to that we had the responsibility to manage our own meetings diary. A lesson sadly lost at other shows we could mention.

We had very productive talks with suppliers, venues and destinations across the world. So many exciting experiences to now discuss and offer to our clients.

But IMEX in Vegas couldn't be done without attending the infamous, legendary and amazing Renaissance pool party at Drais rooftop. Fundraising for MPI and just the perfect after hours industry social we all needed.


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