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Netherlands prepare to re-open and life after lockdown.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Following on from our post regards Spain and their current situation on the Covid 19 lockdown. We caught up with our suppliers in the Netherlands to see how they were looking to move away from the restrictions and open up to the world again.

Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular in our popular destination list for clients and private groups. So we thought to ask the question on when we may be able to return.

"What is the current situation regards the lockdown within the Netherlands?"

Our lockdown was due to expire 28th of April, but in the press conference this has been postponed to the 19th of May. Some baby(literally) steps are taken to re open the country, daycare and primary schools will re open after the May holiday (11th of May).

"What does this mean for events and event planners?"

We did just get an extension of the current restrictions on events from 1st of June to the new date 1st of September. HOWEVER, This is for events requiring permits. Think of the formula 1, Sail Amsterdam and the massive ESC congress end of August, but football matches are cancelled until that time.

For all of us as event organisers this is not applicable (unless of course we have guests to the ESC congress or who want to see a football match for example).

 "Does this mean the country as a whole will begin to open and we can start to plan small events or visit socially in private groups?"

So all restaurants, hotels, event venues etc remain closed until the 19th of May at least. We don't expect opening the doors and saying come in after the 19th of May. It will be a slow and painful process.

But event planners can begin to plan in a small capacity, as long as events do not have a need for a permit at least.

So compared to the news from Spain, it seems we have a little longer to wait in terms of enjoying some Dutch hospitality. But that said it should be seen as a real positive step for us all and for those already worried about ADC later in the year. You may have some reason to be hopeful of still being able to attend.

For more information, or to explore your options do get in touch or comment below with your thoughts on the situation.

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