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Spain and Balaerics prepare to re-open for Summer 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Keeping busy and informed, we had the benefit of a fact finding webinar with some of our Spanish partners and contacts. Spain has been our most popular destination for clients and private groups since we began. So we, like all of you are very keen to know when we can return to everyone's favourite location!

Following our discussions, It is believed that Spain will begin to open up in some locations for the summer season from the start of June and expect to be back as close to normal for Autumn. It has not yet been established which locations will be first on the agenda, but we will see a gradual opening throughout the summer. Locations like Ibiza are extending their season through to November. This could mean some really good deals if you are keen to visit that late in the year!

The major issue we see for those within the UK will likely be any government restrictions on travel and group sizes. But we also expect there to be some teething problems with airports and flights on re opening. So be prepared that you may not immediately get the "cheaper" flights many are hoping, or travel dates to fit in with your schedules.

Now really is the time to get planning if you're planning a return to your preferred Spanish location. There will be deals to be had for corporate and private groups alike. But you will need to know where and when to look. For more information, or to explore your options do get in touch.

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