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You can organise live events, but don't organise them. We will or won't then, something or other?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Last week we heard from the UK Government that we can once again look to plan and organise live events. Didn't we?

It was the news so many of us in this industry were so desperate to hear and when it did come, we came back down with a bump! Like many sectors before us, we have been told to open up again, but with very little to no direction or guidance. It's not enough to simply state, "Away you go, just remember to use social distancing and safety measures!" Gee thanks, I would have completely forgotten about that!

Don't worry, this is not a political onslaught. It would be so easy to go down this route through frustration and anger. I don't personally like the "message" of go and organise events again...but if any happens, on your heads be it!

So what can we take from this?

Well, we are effectively able to be open for business again - hooray! But realistically, we've come so far and suffered so much are we ready to be back out there? More importantly should we be back out there yet? Of course there is a financial burden that we all are conscious of. But that shouldn't be the main factor to jumping straight back into business, nor should frustration or excitement of being able to do so.

Once the initial shock of the lockdown had hit, I focussed much of our efforts as agency on trying to deliver positive messages back into the industry and our clients. Not only that, finding out as much information on rules and restrictions post lockdown and what our venues and suppliers had worked tirelessly on to provide the new normal. (Shameless plug...check out our After Lockdown series on our youtube channel and website!)

But in all seriousness, we have to be ready for our clients so that when they do want to discuss events again, we are ready. Not only that, but we are ready with the right information and advice to bring confidence back to them. So that when we do get back to events, we do not waste this opportunity by going too hard too soon and creating a second spike / lockdown - none of us want or can afford that.

Our way forward is that of positivity, excitement and showing the best of our industry. Be ready for that, make sure you give that confidence back to your clients and eventually the new normal will be close the old normal.

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