Outreach to the streets: How one Guru is making a wake up call to the yoga community.

April 15, 2019

We have been working with renowned maverick Yogi - David Sye for a couple of years now. His brand of yoga - Yogabeats has always been at the forefront of revolution. Either from it's origins around the Bosnian War of the early 90s, taking yoga to areas of conflict and suffering around the world, or simply out and out pushing the boundaries of yoga community establishment.


Our journey with him has seen us work on bespoke Yoga retreats and events. As well as providing sound council for his marketing, PR and promotional activities. But when David came to us with this idea, we could only be inspired by the passion he has for working within communities and how he is pushing for a wake up call to the yoga community and society in general.


Residing in Camden, London. David Sye has turned his focus locally to the streets and his neighbourhood. Camden is a trendy bohemian landmark of the capital, but like most areas around the city it struggles with a growing rise in homeless people. It's an area which is on the rise even in the 21st century and yet with our fast paced lives we tend to move past without really taking notice. It's something that the government overlooks and in a world where the yoga community is growing in strength and in some parts surrounded by wealth (£90 yoga mats, £100 lycra outfits) he believes the time has come for a wake up call and bring the yoga community together to help such a cause.


So on Saturday, 24th August we are planning a unique, bespoke fundraising event. David will be hosting a one off Yogabeats day workshop which not only brings you on a journey of self discovery. It will also raise funds for the local homeless within Camden. Excitement though social media channels is already growing, and we are looking forward to organising another sell out event for our maverick client.


This we believe will be the start of many as David has already set his focus to the tented communities building in the Midlands and going back to poverty areas around Scotland where he has worked before.


For more information on this amazing charity event please visit the yogabeats website.  If you are looking for ways to raise awareness and funding for a charity or community project, please do get in contact with us here or visit our fundraising page via the website.

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