Events are experiences to engage, enjoy and achieve what they are planned to do.

Marketing Events and Travel (We Are MEaT) was established in 2016 as a start up event agency.  Offering boutique bespoke events to corporate clients and leisure groups alike. We have since grown rapidly into a full coverage event agency.


We have built our reputation on providing high quality, successful, memorable experiences and planned events in locations across the world. 

People Gathering in a Meeting Together


Being seen as a relatively "new kid on the events block" we are always asked to find new ideas or a put a new spin on locations, venues and events. 

We are always up for the challenge and continuously push the boundaries to find new venues, locations and ideas to experience.


Open, approachable communication is key in any relationship.  

Never afraid to give an honest answer or opinion on all aspects, enables our clients to confidently trust us with their event needs and their budgets!


We've built our reputation on doing things differently. Looking outside the box is in our event DNA.


So we understand that doing the usual activity, going to the same old places, not being "instagramable" simply doesn't fit the brief anymore!


We love what we do and know that our passion comes across with our service.

It's never just another event or activity, We will give 100% pre, during and after so you come away  excited, happy and with something memorable,

Our Values