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Corporate Events

Setting your business goals and aims and delivering them across to your team, employees or potential clients. Alongside building your company culture is key to your business growth and success.

We Are Corporate

It's an exciting time for corporate events. The diversity and ability to change and adapt your event needs to suit your budget or your delegates, employees and attendees, now has so much choice.

We work with businesses across a range of sectors to plan and manage their event needs from start to finish. Whatever your objective, conference, board meeting, incentive, team build, hospitality, product launch, travel and accommodation for industry events. Our team cover all aspects such as venue and destination sourcing, creative and planning, full event management and post event analysis where required.

Every aspect is looked at to determine what type of event, the best venue or location for that, if it delivers on objectives and budget. But most of all, that we produce an event that excites, engages and that is a memorable experience for all who attend.

We Are MEaT

Event venue or location sourcing

Quite simply, we know venues. We actively search, visit and work with hundreds of venues both locally, nationwide and across the globe. This puts our team in the best position to suggest and confidently book the right venue for our clients.

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Conferences, Meetings, Forums


Need an additional resource to help source, plan or manage you next conference, seminar or quarterly regional meetings? 


Ensuring that your delegate package fits your event needs can make a huge impact. We recognise the importance of every aspect from AV and flip charts, boardroom and theatre set ups to making sure you have enough tea and coffee to last the day


Getting to and from Expo's, Conferences and group meetings can play a huge part in attending. We understand the need to organise your business travel and accommodation to suit your work life balance as well as your budget.

Our team work with you to plan and book both your travel and hotel stay internationally and domestically.

Incentives & Team Building.


Incentives allow you as a business to recognise and reward successes and achievements for both your team as well as the company. Setting your business goals and targets, team activities as well as building your company culture are all key factors within business.


But incentives can also be difficult logistically. You may have a number of regional or international branches to the business?  Therefore requiring numerous travel points and transfers. Does the end location have all you need to meet all the objectives for your event? How do you balance work goals with team building? Scheduling and management of your time and your attendees across your event is crucial to it's success. Do you have a plan in place to keep the balance, focus and momentum within your group across the day or days?​

From making sure your conference and delegate package is right, to engaging, effective team activities and some down time. We plan and manage your event to ensure every aspect is taken care of and organised with clarity and detail. Are your expectations in line with budget and management across the event?

Our team are on hand to advise, plan, organise and manage every aspect of your Incentive. Allowing the reassurance that everything is organised and focusing on what really matters across the event - a memorable, fun and engaging experience.

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Enjoy the biggest sporting and concert events with our bespoke organised hospitality. Impress your staff or guests with your own Private Box, Suite, Marquee, Lounge, Table or entertainment area. We create high quality, memorable VIP experiences both within the UK and international events to suit groups of all sizes and budgets.

From rugby to NFL, football to a day at the races, darts to Wimbledon - we have all you need to enjoy in style.

Product Launches, Awards and Fundraisers


If you are bringing a new brand or product to market, we understand that this has taken time, care and development. When it comes time to launch you need to ensure you have the right type of event, audience and coverage to ensure engagement, success and is memorable.

When it's time to recognise and reward people for the amazing efforts and achievements they have made. You need to show just as much effort and interest in ensuring your Awards event showcases this. Your Awards Evening needs to be a celebration, but it also needs to be engaging for those attending. We look at every aspect and work with you to ensure it's the event everyone deserves.

We regularly work with a variety of Charities and local community projects. Funding and fundraising is more important than ever. Engaging with the public and businesses and building relationships are just as essential. Many organisations simply do not have the time or resources to do this efficiently.  Our team are experienced and on hand to work with you to build these key relationships and raise funds.

Video Convention

Digital Events


Since the events of what happened from the pandemic in 2020 and beyond. There has been a significant need to shift into digital and hybrid events in some sectors. As an event agency we guide and work with clients to deliver a range of digital events to suit their needs. We have delivered end of conference global team incentives, conferences, networking, even building an interactive (metaverse style) theatre for an audience with a celebrity speaker.


Our team confidently advise, plan and manage your digital events to ensure it achieves its objectives, engages with the target audience and meets your budget requirements.

Digital Incentive
Production Set Up for Digital Event
An audience with...
Our own virtual theatre - welcome to the metaverse!
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