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A Planner's Guide: Top Tips for Festive Events

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Why the end of summer means it's time to start thinking festive...and what to consider when planning.

Unless you have an in house events team or planner that is one of those already counting how many Monday's are left until Christmas. There is never an easy way or time to approach the subject of Christmas parties. However no is the time really you need to start assembling your team to begin the planning.

Last year we found a number of clients...almost like a 2017 trend that left it so late and in some cases too late when booking their festive events. By doing so it meant they were left with very little options regards venues, potentially paid out more than they had to do and pretty much hosted an event they really didn't want to hold.

So what are the 3 key areas you should really focus on this year?

Who is the event or party for..? (Target Audience)

So is this a company party for staff or is it mainly for suppliers and/or clients to attend?

What is the Theme of your event or party?

This goes alongside the above as you may find you want either an experience or party style event for staff. If it's to thank suppliers and clients you need to be planning something that reflects this. It may not be hugely different in tone...but it certainly is a different tone.

Find and book your venue!

This is key and the earlier you do this will ensure you get the dates you prefer, better rates and more options. The later you leave it you will be forced to settle or compromise on what you do...and likely that you will have to adjust your budget too.

We have found it works best in planning if you can keep to this structure. Never book a venue before you decide the theme and what sort of event you are after.

Here is a great article that really explores what it takes to plan and host across the festive period...especially those looking for something unique and different.

For more on planning for your events, or to discuss ways in which we can help with the hassle of planning across this busy get in touch.

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