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After Lockdown: Switzerland

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

With so many mixed messages coming through the media regards what we can and cannot do as we gradually come out of lockdown. We decided to get together with our industry friends, suppliers and partners to create our After Lockdown sessions.

The purpose being to enable event professionals to have access to information first hand (correct to date published) to what is happening now and in the short term at a number of destinations, hotels and venues in the UK and internationally.

This session we focus on Switzerland and we speak with Bettina Mumenthaler of the Switzerland Convention Bureau. It's easy to simply bracket Switzerland as a purely skiing option. But it offers so much in terms of activities, incentives, culture, food and drink. It also offers some of the most amazing views you are likely to see. A real tick for those wanting those Instagram likes!

The current situation has made a huge impact on all destinations. So how has Switzerland adapted? What can we expect as visitors and event planners moving forward?

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