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El Clasico: Ticking that Camp Nou Experience

March 2023: Camp Nou for the final La Liga El Clasico before Barcelona renovate the stadium.

What made this even better for us, is that this private group came via delegates who attended the client Barcelona event in September. They wanted to experience an El Clasico in the Camp Nou.

We are always happy to help create those memorable experiences. What a game they saw too!

Event Objectives:

Tickets sourced for Barcelona vs Real Madrid (El Clasico) match

  • Destination recommendations for hotel, restaurants and culture

  • Private leisure group

1 Comment

May 20, 2023

It was just a fiery match! Barcelona had a great game, they became the Spanish champions for a reason!

After I got home, I immediately took the footage from the stadium and the city and started editing it with this editor. I want to put my video on YouTube, hopefully it will get a lot of views, because I'm trying so hard on it!

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