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Fete du vin - We see the very best of Bordeaux

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

We were invited out to explore Bordeaux through the CVB for 2 full days last week. Not only did we see some amazing venues and event spaces. But we also had the opportunity to take in the annual Fete Du Vin - well we are in the middle of festival season!

Festival du Vin

This festival happens across the summer solstice each year spanning 3-4 days. All along the Garonne river that flows throughout the city. Stalls from the local vineyards, street food stands, DJs and a number of masterclasses spread across the quayside.

Charge up your card and grab your glass to sample and enjoy the region's best produce. The festival is constructed into zones to best suit your preferences. So you have a purely red or white wine to experience. The middle section having a mixture of both along with some masterclasses to attend. We went to the Rock and Wine class, a unique opportunity to sample wines that are complimented by the rock music - at least we think that was what it was? But good fun nonetheless!

The second evening we had the privilege to board a moored Portuguese Galleon for a private reception. It was a great way to experience the festival and to view the spectacular drone light show to end the evening!

The festival itself is good fun, relaxed and a great option for incentive groups to relax and have a little fun across the event. It could also work with the senior team away for a private meet and lunch or dinner. Allowing the rest of the group to have some fun and to engage and bond together.

For leisure groups, it's just a lovely way to spend you afternoon and evening!

Bordeaux, Venues and Event spaces:

Across our visit we took in the sights, sounds and culture that this fantastic city have to offer. It has so much history, but no only that is leading the way in certain aspects such as the only tram line that has underground cabling! All pointed out and expressed through Bruno our city tour guide.

The first hotel we visited was the stunning and boutique Villa Foch. It works well for small groups and it ideally situated near to the Monument aux Girondins. With a fantastic private drawing room for dining or enjoying the vast whisky and cognac selection in the evening. Even the staircases bring a wow factor here!

We next visited the Opera House built in 1780. As you can expect with such a building, it's grand in design and has some amazing event space for gala dinners or receptions. Or simply enjoy some of the finest ballet and opera performances on offer across your stay or event.

Across the square is the Intercontinental Hotel. 10 years after having built the iconic Opera House, architect Victor Louis started construction of a private hotel for M. Sacriste de Rolly aiming to create the perfect symmetry between the two buildings. Everything about this venue is luxury and wow!

From the 2 Michelin starred Gordon Ramsey restaurant, to the 13 meeting rooms and stunning Orangery. Everything about this hotel is decadence and high quality. The little gem for us though is the rooftop (beach club). Giving a 360 degree view of the city, it provides a different and more relaxed option that would suit an evening reception really well.

Our host for the stay was the Radisson Blu hotel. A short tram or cab ride from the city centre. this is a really good option as a conference style hotel. It has good meeting space as well as a great terrace for receptions.#

Saint James Hotel is just outside of the city in between Bordeaux and the St Emilion wine region. It has a more relaxed feel, but doesn't lack in character and appeal. With a beautiful terrace that overlooks the city region and a first class restaurant. This would work really well for senior groups looking to break off for a lunch and meeting.

For those who want cool and quirky, we recommend Mama Shelter. We had an amazing sunset cocktail on the rooftop with DJ. It would make a great welcome reception or farewell evening event.


If you ask most people, Bordeaux is simply known as a producer of fine wine. But this is doing it such a dis-service. The city is vibrant, historical with plenty of options both classic and contemporary to suit your needs. If you come out during the festival, it will provide something memorable and attending will only enhance the event experience.

As a MICE, meetings and incentive destination. It will stand up on it's own. However, with just a 2 hour high speed train from Paris. Why not make Bordeaux a twin destination incentive? Or you can have both city and countryside by exploring the vineyard regions. We had a day in the UNESCO St Emilion region, just 45 minutes outside of the city. It is an absolute must to visit for any group and provided probably the best wine experiences we have ever had the privilege to attend.

Just this snapshot of the region was enough to get excited about planning incentives and MICE events for our clients. To discuss your options here for your upcoming and future events - get in touch with the team:

Thank you to the Bordeaux Convention Bureau for inviting us out to see and experience what the destination has to offer.


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