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Private yachts to monkeys on the rock - Celebrating 10 years with AJ Hills.

April 2024: We were celebrating 10 years with AJ Hills Ltd since the current business partners bought and took charge of the construction company.

The whole team experienced everything from private yachts to monkeys on the rock, through to stunning caves. It really is a destination that brings so much for incentives and conference events. It was a pleasure and a privilege to plan and manage such a special event for them.

Plan and objectives:

  • 10 people

  • Venue sourcing

  • 3 day incentive plan

  • Contracting and negotiation

  • Site visits with client team

  • On site event management

  • Planned and sourced incentive event activities and experiences

  • Gibraltar


AJ Hills Ltd was the very first We Are MEaT client. So this 10th anniversary celebration incentive was extra special for us to deliver for them and us.

What began nearly 2 years ago with a client site visit to Gibraltar, to then deliver such an amazing event is perfect recognition to all the hard work involved to make events happen!


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