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Spotlight on IMEX America - Events resurgence continues to build globally.

Last week we were in the "Fabulous" Las Vegas for IMEX America. Always one of the showcase trade shows of the event industry calendar year. It brings together such a wide range of destinations, suppliers and event buyers. Along with a number of engaging networking events set around the show each day.

Our take on the event:

With our main focus for the show this year to expand our offering to our global clients for events within the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Asia and Australia regions. We were able to set up a range of different types of meetings, from destination discovery presentations, 1on1 meetings with venues and industry networking events both before and after the show each day.

It was by far the busiest and most buzzing trade show we have attended for quite some years. It had been mentioned while attending that it was the busiest show since 2011. It was easy to see as day 1 was really busy in terms of footfall, but the atmosphere within the halls were amazing. As well as the meetings and presentations on the stand it was great to catch up and network with some amazing #eventprofs too across the week.

Outside of the show:

We were hosted by AMR Collection across the week (thank you!) who not only did an amazing job of looking after our group all week. But also a fantastic presentation highlighting there amazing hotel portfolio range across Mexico, Caribbean and Europe.

We were based at the Vdara in between Aria and Cosmopolitan hotels and resorts. tIt was a great location right in the middle of the strip, so easy access to most things without too much transfer time. Also, it actually felt like a hotel, which sounds crazy. But we always find that as spectacular as the Vegas hotels are, once you leave the lobby area or your room floor, you feel like you could be in a shopping mall, theme park or a large casino in itself. So this was a nice change up with rooms being of a good standard and perfect for what we needed it for.

Transfers to and from the show...well let's be honest it wasn't great to begin with. There seemed to be a plan that the coaches run to time and schedule. The trouble with that was that the schedule didn't fit the amount of people. So some were full and sitting there until there scheduled time, rather than sending on and bringing in the next one. But picked up across the show and ran pretty efficiently in the end.

"Let's face it, an event full of planners - something was going to be jumped on regards organisation."

We had a couple of great networking parties - GLH London with a nice chilled reception on arrival night at the Hard Rock Cafe. There was also the California breakfast on day 1 of the show hosted by Visit San Francisco, Visit LA, Visit San Diego and Visit Anaheim. But the highlight as always is Rendezvous at Drai's - MPI Foundation event. Such a great venue and the party brings everyone across the industry together dance the night away.

What we have taken from the show:

"Not only some really informative and useful meetings. But I managed to have some engaging discussions with a number of US event professionals across the week. I love the way they view and approach incentives for business. It so much more a part of company culture and business out there, compared with the UK for example.

There is more a practicality and justification approach I find within the UK. That's not to say there is not a growing incentive market or interest back home. But our US counterparts are almost unapologetic in love and the need of incentives and rewards for business and staff.

It certainly as an agency and business owner given me much to think on regards my own plans and strategies to grow the company. For me that was more of a personal takeaway from the show, which then worked in well with the great meetings and contacts made across the week." - James Bacon (Director - We Are MEaT)

Viva Las Vegas...we cannot wait to build on those partnerships and be back next year!


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