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The importance of reconnecting your team and rebuilding company culture.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It's not just about having that buzz again planning live events. It's also the joy of bringing people together again!

Bringing teams and colleagues back together, rediscovering or reinventing your company culture. Such a huge part of work life environment that has been missing over the past 12 months or more.

For growth companies, imagine what it must be like to have employed staff over the past 12 months who haven't met their work colleagues or really experienced the company culture?

As we move beyond the WFH pandemic era and welcome people back into the office environment. It is more important than ever to recognise things are different. Those businesses that return to a "business as usual" approach face real challenges that in the long term could affect both company and staff. You cannot just expect people to pick up as before, effectively click your heels 3 times and we return to the good old days!

Emphasis must be on well being. Making sure that when your team or staff walk through that door they are ready, not anxious. That some may not be as ok with being around or so close to a group of people as others just yet.

We were approached by two of our London based clients in July to bring their respective groups together. Both had seen growth and considerable time apart from the office environment. It was important that we bring the teams together again, but in a relaxed sociable manner. Somewhere they could feel comfortable and safe in their groups, but reconnect and rebuild the culture of what it is to work at the company.

For our first client Erevena, we brought 50 of their team together for a rooftop summer BBQ. Somewhere open, relaxed and enough space to mingle in and out of social groups and reconnect again. Plus enjoy some amazing food and drink set against the London skyline at dusk. It proved to be the perfect start and event to bring people back together and re-establish connections and discuss future work goals.

Our second client Kingpin asked us to finish off their annual kick off day. Again, something they had been unable to do last year and with new people joining tin the past year, it was important to the company as ever to connect and deliver on achievements and work goals. After a busy day, it was time to relax and so we put them for drinks and cocktails at a Skybar near to where they had had their meeting across the day.

The relaxed more social side of the event served as a perfect ending to their first live kick off day since 2019.

Fantastic to bring people together again with a great event experience. Working environment, company culture and bringing your team together is a vital part in making your business tick. Those companies who recognise this, will no doubt build their culture back quicker and prove more productive than those who simply want to wipe the past 18 months away and carry on.

To discuss ways in which we can bring your company together and create a unique, memorable team experience - get in touch with the team:


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