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The sights and sounds of Salzburg: A classic option for events.

We had the opportunity to explore Salzburg as an events destination this month. Steeped in so much history and forever spoken about due to the classic film musical The Sound of Music. It was great to have the chance to discover what event options and experiences were to had!

So let's start with the obvious - The Sound of Music. Many of the scenes from this iconic movie was filmed in the old town. From the arches outside of the Cathedral and the theatre where the family performed for the German Soldiers and escaped. Other iconic film locations can be reached from Salzburg old town by bus or car!

But there is also Mozart. Both his homes can be seen within walking distance from each other. One has been turned into a dedicated Mozart museum. Salzburg Cathedral is where Mozart was baptised along with the composer of Silent Night!

Interesting fact - Mozart was banished from Salzburg by the Prince Archbishop when Mozart refused to keep composing new music everyday for his rulers!

But that's not the only drama here. Many years ago Salzburg was ruled by Arch Bishops and religious figures. However one person was significant at this time, The Prince Archbishop. He was a royal and religious leader. He had a lover who he ended up having several children with. He built a palace for his lover and children and he lived in the royal residence. This Palace was renamed Mirabelle (meaning beautiful view) once the Bavarian rulers took over Salzburg. This palace can be hired for events. It has a beautiful fountain overlooking the Alps and the famous fortress.

Event Options:

We were lucky enough to attend an event at the luxury Salzburg Residence. This was the residence of the Prince Archbishop. This is located next to the Cathedral. This has many beautiful rooms to hold events of various sizes. The food for the event was created by the Imlauer Hotel, Salzburg.

The food was locally sourced and traditional Austrian food. The local red and white wine was stunning too! The entertainment of the string quartet from the School of Mozart and the opera singers could be heard clearly throughout the room.

Interesting fact - Salzburg is famous for the makers of handmade chocolate which I got to sample. I can confirm it is delicious.

There was a site visit at St Peter’s restaurant, the oldest restaurant in Salzburg. An excellent venue with many opportunities for an event. It has many different unique rooms individually decorated in their own style with various capacities. This is situated next to the famous cemetery (Mozart’s sister is buried here) and Monastery which is still operational.

They make amazing wine, so I’m told?

Next stop, the Stiegl Brewery. This is a unique place and you can hold an event in various areas. The huge brick arched, atmospherically lit room where the function was held accommodated 200 people easily. The acoustics were very good for the real Austrian entertainment, a champion yodeller!


There are many options within Salzburg. You have the centre with many 4 and 5 star hotels which can accommodate various size groups. There are also some wonderful, unique venues where you can hold some events of all tastes and types.

I stayed at the Imauler Hotel Pitter. This is a short walk picturesque walk by the river from the old town. It is situated near to the Mirabelle Palace and the Salzburg Congress Centre. This has some great options for event spaces. Not only conference rooms but a lovely Sky Bar! It also has some great restaurants within the hotel which could be excellent event spaces.

The food and service at this hotel was excellent. The breakfast selection was fresh and varied. It suited all diets and tastes. Breakfast lunch and dinner is served in the Sky Bar which has wonderful floor to ceiling windows showing you a stunning view of the snowcapped Alps!

My room was spacious, beautiful decorated with all amenities you would need. The bed was large and very comfortable!


Everything is easily accessible and he public transport is very efficient. I took part in a guided walk of the old town. This was a good team building event option. The old town has a real buzz about it and it also gave an insight into Salzburg, what’s available and some of it’s history. The beautiful cobbled streets, Alpine buildings, many bridges and the back drop of the stunning snowcapped Alps Mountains is a feast for the eyes.

Other activities to choose from here also include strudel making and beer tasting for example.

Salzburg has many options for groups and has good short flight connections from Europe including the UK. It would is a great destination for MICE events, with plenty to offer in terms of hotels, venues and activities.



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