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Planning your corporate event: 5 key questions you need to ask.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Knowing how to correctly plan your event will make a significant difference between a successful opportunity or time and money wasted.

For many clients we are involved in every aspect of their event, from start to finish. But some we come in after the initial discussions and when a plan should have been put in place. For many companies, just asking 5 key questions in your event planning stage can make such an impact when it comes to organising and hosting.

Why are you doing the event?

Is it to reward employees or a certain team within the company for performance? Do you have a company milestone or achievement?

Is it for PR purposes such as brand or product launch? To raise money for a charity of project? Or simply to get people together such as clients, potential clients, suppliers for networking and business discussion?

Why you are doing the event is probably the key factor in any event planning. If you have no interest and enthusiasm towards's likely that the event will be a non starter or worse become a waste of time and money.

Who is it for?

It's important to understand who will be your target audience for the event. Different people mean different types of events. Some may lavish in hospitality and some may just like something less formal. Are you inviting Senior Execs, C-Suite management or Millennial's who just crave excitement?

How much can you afford?

You can put on an event with any sort of budget. But knowing your budget will enable you to plan and source correctly. Always add into your budget possible hidden factors. For example allowing an additional 10% onto the budget for the unknown will cover for anything unexpected or additions you may want to factor in as you go.

To stop things potentially spiraling out of control, make sure you source and choose your suppliers and venue wisely. Do you really need to host at that location, or have that level of catering?

What kind of event?

Now you have the why, who and budget taken care of. This means you can move onto what type of event you are going to host. Is it going to be black tie, an activity or some kind or just a straight out party?

What do you hope to achieve?

Probably the most forgotten about, but an essential part to any event. What are your goals for this event? Is it purely for PR benefits or getting your employees to to really feel like you care about them? Maybe to drive business opportunities with clients and suppliers?

The point we feel to any event is to come away knowing where it sat with the goal of putting it all on in the first place. Yes, you need to care and be interested in it, and you also want to enjoy it. But don't come away from it wondering what the point was in the first place!

Are you looking for help in planning and organising your next event? Then MEaT can help. We have over 20 years experience in planning and organising events. Our clients cover a spectrum of industry sectors, and our events come in all shapes and sizes, suiting all budgets.

Find more inspiration and achieve more from your next corporate event - wearemeat

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