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Expanding our reach to find the right partners for your NA / LAC region events.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Our recent visit to IMEX Americas in Las Vegas was the perfect opportunity for our team to reconnect with our North American, Latin and Caribbean partners. In the 18 months away so many things have happened, changed both good and bad as well as a number of different rules and regulations around events that are different per region.

As an event agency, We Are MEaT are focussed on working with and finding new destinations and partners to fulfil our client needs. We also recognise that event planning in the "new norm" can be even more of a minefield when it comes to planning, sourcing venues, contracts with suppliers and arranging delegates to attend.

Before the pandemic we were working with our clients to plan a variety of events types intro the US, Canada and the Caribbean. As well as the iconic destinations within these regions, we also actively look at those that may be under the radar, or not getting the opportunities they deserve to showcase what they have to offer. This can especially apply to UK and Europe based companies who have a tendency to stick with a few tried and trusted "known" destinations.

Our mantra is to provide a unique experience that fits the event objectives and leaves a lasting enjoyable experience for all. So we relish the opportunity to put a new spin on somewhere that has been done a 1000 times, or provide that absolute gem of a venue you never would have thought of!

What's new for 2022?

Well our service and our reach into these regions for starters. Over the pandemic we have constantly kept in touch with the international markets to stay up to speed with all we need to know for travelling and event planning internationally. We haven't waited for it to come back and then tried to pick up the baton!

As a result of this, we have been able to have some confident and productive planning discussions with our clients who have an interest or a need for events with the US, Canada and surrounding regions. What has been exciting for us is that our clients are not only keen to return. But they are also trusting us with planning meetings and incentives for the US regional teams as well as international events.

A number of our UK based clients who were able to bring the team back together early summer. As great as that was for them, there was a little FOMO coming (rightly so) from their offices based elsewhere. With plans being made to bring everyone back together in 2022 and beyond. We are also now being trusted to plan and organise for regional offices and partner events based outside of the UK.

It was exciting to be back over the pond for a major event and to see so many trusted partners and suppliers. But we also met with and built some new relationships across a number of destinations throughout NA and LAC to offer some exciting opportunities for local based clients as well as international groups.

Are you looking at planning an international event within North America or the Caribbean in 2022 or beyond? Or maybe you have a need to plan for regional offices based in these areas?

Get in touch with the team - to discuss opportunities for your company, teams, partners or brand.


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