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F1 Drive Experience - Get ready to start your engines!

We were recently invited in to take a peek at the new F1 Drive Experience at Tottenham Stadium in London. With a 15 year partnership in place with F1, it recently opened its doors in February 2024 for both corporate and leisure groups.


F1 Drive London offers the world`s first electric karting experience. Ever striving to push the boundaries of innovation, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is one of the most technologically advanced venues in the world built with sustainability and innovation in mind.

The Stadium utilises 100% renewable energy; a zero-to-landfill waste management programme; Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is committed to halving carbon

emissions by 2030 and becoming net zero carbon by 2040.

3x Track Experience:

Future Stars - 180m with 8 turns and 1 DRS zone. this is a specialist track exclusively for junior drivers (ages 8-10) with long, sweeping, and short straights.

Sprint - a thrilling 360 metre circuit with 9 turns and 1 DRS Zone. Designed for racers of all abilities. This shorter technical circuit but can be taken 85% at full throttle. The best passing place is the long DRS zone on the start-finish line.

Super Circuit - A 500 metre masterpiece inspired by classic F1 street circuits. With 17 turns and 2 DRS zones. This twisting and technical circuit is the ultimate karting challenge. Half a kilometre of tight and technical chicanes plus a long start-finish straight with 80% of the circuit taken flat out.


The Karts - Engineered with F1 technology, these bespoke F1 inspired karts feature cutting edge steering wheels featuring an 18cm LED display, providing data and updates to the driver such as lap times, intervals, boost level and flags. There's even

realistic Formula 1 engine sounds from the 2023 season. "Team Radio" direct from your virtual Race Engineer guiding you with your track status, DRS and ERS instructions, fastest lap and overtaking opportunities.

**DRS controlled by F1 DRS logic and ERS Boost Buttons.

You can challenge yourself off track on 8 full-motion simulators that are connected to each other for race challenges.

Corporate Team Building:

Min Size Group - 15 people

Max Size Group - 90 people

The ultimate team-building package on offer is - F1 DRIVE Champions Cup. Corporate groups not only race in teams across the circuit. But they have to orchestrate as a top-tier team off circuit too. This holistic immersion into motorsport enables you to have your pit crew in place to manage the Pit Stop Challenge. Where a some of your team work to take off and put on an F1 cars wheels in the quickest possible time. Like in a Grand Prix, this time is also now added to your teams race time. Choosing your drivers and your pit crew in your team. It highlights the importance of teamwork, acknowledging that every participant plays a crucial role, whether driving or making strategic calls.

This team-building experience shakes things up, fostering new appreciation and friendships through intellectual, physical, and sporting challenges. Create lasting memories and strengthen your team's bond in a day like no other.

Basic Itinerary - 3hr experience approx






Smaller Event Groups:

For smaller groups there is also a range of options. For 15 people you can compete as a team against others (shared non exclusive experience). Taking on all the aspects of the Champions Challenge. Or you could simply have a sprint challenge where each of you race against each other in a time sprint. Going first through qualifiers to get your track grid position and then the race itself.

For any non drivers in your groups you can also challenge them through the 8 simulators for a virtual experience.

Other Event Opportunities:

Brand Activation - There are endless branding opportunities for your event, from lighting colour of the track and venue to the race suits. With so much technology and screens in play, you can get creative and have these showcase branding, products or something completely different across your event.

Conferencing - The VIP Paddock Club offers the opportunity for small conferencing, forums or kick off meetings. Or you could use this area simply as a break out area or private lunch for your group. Why not combine both business and team building aspects by taking the Paddock room for your conference and then take to the track for your team building activity after?

Reception Events - The venue can be hired exclusively for a reception event. You can incorproate a driving experience inti this, or simply have a really cool venue, great F&B and a DJ to network and host a QBR based event.

For those into F1 and not able to get out to the races. why not stage your event here across an F1 qualifying day (or actual race day?). You can enjoy all the atmosphere of the race while adding your own kart race into the mix?


One thing to keep in mind when planning your event here. The track is not available to be used across June and July. It has been built into what was the underground car park. Across the close football season, the pitch drops into this space in order to host concert events.

But outside of this. In terms of facilities, tech, and immersive experiences it's right up there. Versatile to work for team building, incentives, brand activations and even mix that with your forum or conference event.

Ready to start your engines? Get in touch with the team and let's start planning your next event -



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