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Hooray for Hollywood? Our LA Story...

As part of the recent Montage & Pendry FAM trip. We went from Utah to Los Angeles for a few days in Hollywood and Laguna Beach. "Whether it's a touch of stardust or just pure cosmopolitan mix, I'm not sure? But there is something special about LA. It's a destination that keeps you engaged and smiling throughout your stay" - James Bacon (Director; We Are MEaT).

Like most major cities, battling the traffic from airport into the heart of West Hollywood takes time. But when you're a major movie buff, the journey is littered with iconic points that keep you distracted from the length of journey. As soon as we pulled onto the freeway out of LAX, I was on set for the 90s action flick Speed! But be aware with your planning, it'll take you some time just to get out of LAX and then realistically, another 60-90 mind to get into the heart of the city.

Our Hotel - Pendry West Hollywood

This art deco style, boutique feel property is ideally situated on Sunset Boulevard. Giving you easy access to all the key spots in LA. With a showcase rooftop restaurant by Wolfgang Puck and lobby bar featured in the classic movie - Sunset Boulevard. It oozes with style and offers fantastic features like screening room, ballroom and basement bar with bowling alley!

Everything you need right here for your incentive and conference groups.

Site Visit - Montage Laguna Beach

Around a 2 hour transfer from West Hollywood. But when you get there, WOW! Simply stunning resort. Montage Laguna Beach absolutely shows why it's the brand's flagship property.

Not only as planners you would want to put an event here. But once clients see it, they will be nothing short of wowed here! What an amazing option for any Corporate Kick Off, Client Forum / Conference or reward incentive.

In addition to those options, for smaller groups I think it would work really well as a Leadership Team break event.

What to do in LA?

As we always advise, with major iconic cities such as LA, NYC, Madrid, London etc. Don't be too ambitious with you activity planning for your event. There are endless choices and you simply cannot do and see everything in one event or visit. It's important to look at what the group objectives are and work on a few key tick box activities for that trip. If you pack your itinerary, you'll simply become frustrated across the event with transfers and not getting enough time to experience each point.

Paramount Pictures VIP Tour

Having a tour of any of the major studios it an amazing group experience. But with Paramount, one of the original studios founded in Hollywood it was a real treat. Steeped in history, packed full of nostalgia and it is amazing to recognise and remember how many movies and TV series come from this studio alone.

this is not just an activity for movie fans. It will fascinate, excite and inspire all that have the opportunity to experience it.

Bespoke Movie / TV Tour

We often put together for our client groups is a film or / boxset tour. It takes the clunkyness (yes it is a word!) of a treasure hunt away from a city tour. We create with you a tour of the destination's key interest spots, but done in a way where you see it through your favourite films or box sets. We event throw in some trivia and unknown facts around that location and the many scenes filmed there over the years.

With a location like Los Angeles, you can literally fill a week with the on set locations from the likes of Pretty Woman, Grease, Beverly Hills Cop, LA Confidential...I could go on. But you also have other iconic pop culture spots such as the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign, Chinese Cinema, El Capitan Theatre, The Viper Room, Whiskey A Go Go, Oppenheim House and the legendary Comedy Store.

Depending on the demographic age of your group. We find pop culture will engage and excite your group more than maybe a historical factual tour. Speak to the team for more on this - we love to get creative and it always provides a great talking point across the event.

Take in a game?

Nobody does sporting experiences like the US. We took in an LA Dodgers game and even for those who know nothing about Baseball, it was still a great time had by all. Grab your beer and your hot dog and just enjoy the atmosphere. There is so much to a ball game to immerse yourself in. From the singing of the national anthem, to firework displays at the end. It's a really fun way to spend and evening and a must do experience.


Why LA? Why not LA!!

Globally accessible, wow factor hotels with amazing event spaces. Top class restaurants to down town diners and with so many choices of engaging and immersive activities for your groups. It's hard to not see the City of Angels as a key choice for your events.

Everything you need right there for your incentive and conference groups. So get in touch with and let's start planning your LA event story -


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