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River deep, mountain high - Our Utah experience!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

We've looked at Salt Lake and Utah before for possible Incentive and Kick Off types of events for our clients. So it's was amazing to have an opportunity a few weeks back to spend 3 days out there, digging deep into the destination to enhance our knowledge.

From ski in and out to a summer full of outdoor experiences. The scenery is some of the best you will experience and probably one of the most beautiful sunrises you will ever encounter!

Pre Planning -

Before you head out to Utah and in particular where we were in Salt Lake, Park City and Deer Valley. You have to take into account you're in mountain country. Now, this may sound silly, but from experience if you're not used to being 3000m and higher above sea level, you really don't take into account the effects of this!

At points we were 6000m+ up to 12,000m when doing the ATVs. The oxygen levels are much thinner and so you easily get tired and out of breath. It's not a case of over exerting yourself, this can hit you just walking across a lobby. I guess the closest similarity would be at sea, where the ship starts moving and you get motion sickness. It just hits all of a sudden, so beware. Great for golfers, you can really nail that drive at this level!!

We would recommend that you purchase some oxygen spray. It's a small cannister and like taking little shots as and when you need it. Those who have fallen into the oxygen bars in Las Vegas - similar sort of thing. Secondly, bug spray and lots of it! You're deep in the country, surrounded by lakes, forests and mountains - they will show you no mercy if you don't use repellent.

Through Salt Lake City and past Park City you will find the stunning Deer Valley. It's around 45 minutes transfer from the airport and it's here where we stayed at the absolutely beautiful Montage Deer Valley resort.

Set up into the mountains, this serves as a first class ski resort from October-May most seasons. It then transforms itself as the perfect base for outdoor adventurers across the summer months.

The property is stunning with first class service and facilities throughout. A range of restaurant choices that include Bourbon & Burgers and their showcase sushi offering. There is even a street food trailer outdoors for those wanting something fun, informal and delicious. The views throughout are amazing, so any event or reception you will be blessed with wow factor, instagram worthy views.

A range of meeting space options from ballroom to conference room mean you can plan anything from a gala dinner to a boardroom or forum / conference event. The break out outdoor space is a great feature here. But for those looking for a bit of fun, you have an indoor golf simulator, a basement pub complete with darts, retro arcade games and a bowling alley, or maybe hire some mountain bikes and go explore the stunning landscape.

Having your event here would wow any delegate and serves perfectly for incentives, kick offs and client forums.

Activities -

The obvious would be skiing. As a former and future Winter Olympics location, it is well set up for all things snow based. For those technical winter enthusiasts, we were told that the snow in Utah has less water content by percentage than other snow. This makes it better for skiing and you get less wet when you fall into it? We'll leave that to you to discover...

The region has a real ski resort feel and has an abundance of ski / snow activity options and activities to experience. For us, it was the height of summer so it was great to have a completely different opportunity to explore. Hiking, climbing, biking, horseback riding, white water's all here. For us we took on ATVs across, up and down the mountains, which was amazing and fun group activity. We also tried our hand at Fly Fishing, which takes a bit of patience and you have to be in the right spot. But it's easy to pick up for those non fishing members and when you catch one, it's a great feeling (and another insta opportunity!)

For those less adventurous, or for a little change up. Head into Park City a small mining town that is really picturesque. Pick yourself up some new cowboy boots, go for a whiskey tasting or try your hand at Disco Pizza in the Pendry Park City Hotel. At the very least, a walk through Main Street is a must and real local experience.

Summary -

Our little shot of Utah was everything we hoped to see and uncover for our clients. It's easy to say that you will never get a real understanding of a destination until you visit. This is totally the case with the Salt Lake region. Until you experience mountain life and the peaceful, beautiful vistas that it has, any picture as great as it is will not do it justice.

It is an absolutely fantastic option for client events and leisure groups. With an all year round range of experiences for groups and amazing resort and hotel options that bring the wow factor as soon as you step foot into the lobby.

Everything you need right here for your incentive and conference groups. So get in touch with and let's start planning your Utah event experience -

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