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QBR Team Event - We bring back a London corporate classic for Erevena.

October 2021: Has it been 3 months already...? We had the pleasure once again in bringing the Erevena London team together. This time it was a London event classic, a boat cruise with BBQ along the Thames - and the weather held!!

The objective:

We were asked to plan a fun team night out for Erevena as part of their QBR achievements. So we thought let's bring back a London classic - BBQ cruise on the Thames

What we did:

Private hire of Golden Flame

48 People

4 hrs London cruise taking in all the sights of the city

Included -BBQ, drink and playlist for 4 hours.


An amazing evening together bringing the team closer together, a fun and engaging activity, stories and memories to share and tell, a very well earned reward for hard work by all!


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