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Virtual fatigue? Could it be a lack of creativity with your events?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

After the initial buzz and excitement with virtual events a few months back. We then got hit with a wave of "virtual fatigue" - or did we?

For some, the virtual event was not a new concept. It was something that had been adopted and incorporated more and more into marketing plans for certain sectors. For the majority however, riding the crest of a wave that was WFH, came this whole new world. So why after just a few months have we seen this possible falling out of love with virtual?

The most obvious would be the need and desire for face to face live events. We all miss this, as human beings we have that need for social interaction. That being said we are adaptable as a species, and as much as I don't buy into this "live events are dead, long live virtual.." - we do need to accept and embrace this new technological way of doing events.

In a previous life, I was involved in the publishing sector. you would hear a constant message of print is dead, long live the digital era. As much as that has heavily impacted on the industry, print still isn't dead...not yet, and certainly don't think it will have the same effect on events as an industry.

So are we using virtual fatigue to fuel our desire to keep live events alive? No, I don't think that is the case at all. Neither should it be! Virtual fatigue comes from a lack of engagement and over use by planners and delegates. When we first embraced Zoom, Teams or whatever your preferred platform may be. There was a an excitement as it was all new and for some mysterious. But after attending webinar 1219 in week 3, we recognised the need to get creative. So we went to quizzing and the likes to keep our audience engaged...and it worked!

Creativity enables to keep your audience engaged. During the recent C&IT Agency Forum, it was mentioned that we haven't seen a Netflix fatigue or a drop in viewing figured for YouTube bloggers. When we plan events we don't stick to one template. We change and adapt to fulfill the brief, the objective of the event and our client's needs.

Can we not adopt the same principles with our virtual events? As an agency we have recognised that we cannot see the future of events as a Virtual / Hybrid versus Live / Face to Face events. Each sit alongside each other for use and consideration as and when the brief demands it. It is our responsibility to knowledge up where needed, educate and advise our clients when required and provide the right strategy based on the objectives of the event - not our preferred preference.

For more on virtual and hybrid events, how to make them work for you, our top tips for creating engaging virtual events, do check out our other blogs here. If you are looking at ways to plan your successful engaging virtual event, do get in touch with the team We are only to happy to discuss further with you.

"When you are ready for the new normal - We Are MEaT."

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