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Barcelona inspires: Celebrating 20 years of TMP

“The motto 'Barcelona inspires' – which has become the leitmotif of all the City Council's communications – is not a mere celebratory slogan, but rather an expression of the need to articulate and envisage a 'new city and brand story'

Nothing could be more fitting for The Marketing Practise after an incredible celebratory event marking 20 years as a company. But also the start of a new beginning by bringing together another 5 newly acquired agencies under one brand.

The Challenge:

  • 4 Days

  • 365 Attendees

  • Co-ordinating and organising flights from 20+ global destinations into one location

  • Full logistical and transportation in destination support

  • Venue sourcing in both Barcelona and Sitges

  • Accommodation across the event

  • Welcome Reception

  • Day Team Challenge

  • Gala Awards dinner

  • Leaders Group Strategy Lunch

  • Farewell Festival night

  • Branding and AV support

  • Bespoke catering across the event

Our Plan:

We developed three different event concepts based on the brief for three different destinations. Each with their own unique identity and experience based on the specific location. After presenting each plan, Barcelona was chosen as the destination of choice for this event.

From this point with our chosen DMC - Emotivents based in destination, we worked together to build each area of the event as well as a working budget for full transparency with the client.

Across the next several months working closely with the client event management team through weekly client meetings and two in location site visits. We developed a branded event experience that matched the client objectives and gave the best possible experience for attendees within the agreed budget.

What we did:

Day 1 - Welcome to Barcelona

With attendees arriving from all across the globe at various time, today was mainly about transport and logistics! Our team were based at the airport from 8am-6pm to welcome and receive all and ensure they are transferred as quickly and easily as possible to their hotel.

Upon arrival we met them at a client branded registration desk set up in the hotel lobby. Here they would be greeted by both our team and the client event team and given any swag purchased for the event (funds were donated to client charity of choice) and checked in accordingly.

After check in and some free time, we kicked off the event with a stunning but chilled welcome reception pool party into the evening. Think sunset vibes, fantastic bbq food and a great way to relax and engage for all the guests after a long day (some even longer) worth of travelling.

Day 2 - Team challenge and Gala Awards dinner

We began the day by taking our group, now split into teams to the historic Born CMM venue. Here we gave a short presentation explaining the challenges ahead for each team and then off out into the city to explore the sites and sounds. The challenge itself consisted of a number of questions to complete as well as some practical fun and engaging challenges. The aim was to bring each team together as well as seeing the sights and learning about their host city.

A tapas lunch of corse before back to Born CMM for one final challenge. Each team had to create their own Trencadis - an art piece based on the mosaic style inspired by Gaudi. Little did our teams realise at the time what they were actually creating...!

After their own Art Attack, we transferred back to the hotel for some more free time and to prepare for the evening.

In the evening we brought our group to the simply stunning venue of La Llotja - a 14th century museum which was the perfect setting for our client's Hall of Fame gala evening. Our guests were greeted with a welcome drink in the outdoor picturesque courtyard, where they not only had a live piano swing band playing, but serving cocktails too. Not only that, standing proud was a photo call back drop, which was put together from their own trencadis creations earlier that day. Dinner was served inside the stunning halls in between their own Hall of Fame ceremony, recognising and rewarding a variety of work achievements across the company.

Finally a chance to dance with open bar and a DJ to finish the night off before the coach back to the hotel.

Day 3 - Sitges and Cava

After a busy and active day 2, we thought what better than to allow our group either some free time around the city. Or a transfer to Sitges or base for the next part of the event, for some time around the pool.

Meanwhile out in the heart of Cava country, we were putting together our farewell festival at Juve y Campos vineyard. Inspired by The festival of Mercè, a Catalan festival in September each year. We set up a beautiful scene early evening where our group were welcomed by 'gigantes y cabezudos' giants who entertained before leading them all to festival square. Here we had a number of food stations set up which served up local cuisine from each area of Spain.

After farewell speeches, birthday celebrations and one final award for team winners across the event. We entertained with a local Gypsy Rhumba band and dancers before the DJ took many into the early morning and a transfer back to Sitges.

Day 4 - Farewell and thank you!

Our final day meant back to where we began, transport and logistics. As we said our goodbyes and ensured our group a safe transfer back to the airport to begin their journey home.


Nearly 12 months in the planning and an event we can be truly proud of. Every step of the event we raised the bar in terms of wow factor and experience. It is exactly the type of events we love to deliver for our clients - smiles, stories, experiences and memories.

Thank you to all at TMP for the opportunity to bring this to life for you all. A very fitting way to celebrate amazing achievement in business, 20 years. As well as creating the beginning of something new with 6 agencies brought together across the globe under one brand.

Here's to the next 20 years and beyond!


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