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A Planner's Guide: What's...Up at the O2?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Yesterday one of the team had the chance to experience "Up at the O2". This is the unique opportunity to climb up and over one of London's most prominent and iconic landmarks.

At 52 meters above sea level that makes it quite a climb, especially for the non climbers among us. We planned a sunset climb to take maximum opportunity to see the London skyline at it's picturesque best, both at dusk and by night.

The experience lasts around 90 minutes and you begin by being suited and harnessed up. The climb itself is like walking on a netted trampoline..but not quite as bouncy thankfully!

Once at the top you get spectacular views, some photo opportunities and the chance of a cheeky glass of fizz...(not free unfortunately).

Some things to take note of if you are thinking of scaling the heights of the Dome. Firstly, you cannot take any drinks or cameras, just your phone on the climb. This gives them the chance to offer you a glass of fizz for £7.50 at the top and like any great attraction these days, you cannot escape without having to pass through the merchandise store on exit.

Personally, we would recommend for those on their own or in a small group to take advantage of the camera on the phone. As at £15 for the initial photo and £5 for any additional photo they take of your experience, it can really begin to add up. Plus as you can see, you can get some great pictures via a simple phone..!

If you are a slightly larger group maybe look towards getting a private climb. Where you can get some of the perks such as the fizz or photos thrown in for the additional cost.

Finally, as a corporate event this works really well. Great team event, banter and and achievement goal too. Plus with the likely additional budget allowed for this you can really mark it with photos, fizz and t-shirts to suit the occasion.

Overall it really is a great experience, but as we say with most events we plan...just do your research first. Look at all the options and costs. Make sure there are no hidden costs or surprises, and ensure that when you do it you get the experience you want.

For us, we love a it certainly ticked that box for us! For more information, if you would like us to look into booking this for your next corporate event or just a group of you fancy giving it a get in touch.

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